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Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson, New Zealand

March, 2003

Joseph, the brothers Thomas and I are sharing a cabin the size of a cramped outhouse. The Danish girls and other members of the squad are scattered around. We’ll be here for another couple nights, then the brothers will head south while Joseph and I will head toward Wanaka. Joseph may hike to a glacier tomorrow, I’ll probably think about joining.

Tonight I attempted a shave in the kitchen/bathroom sink while Joseph talked about some silly nonsense and the brothers used rolled up t-shirts to attack the numerous bugs that have infiltrated the abode. I hadn't shaved since last month in Auckland and overall I was pleased with my disheveled appearance but was beginning to get the sense that some of the Danish lasses weren't so enthusiastic.

Joseph and me with our disposable cameras
Joseph and me with our disposable cameras

After the shave and the bug war, the brothers smoked on the steps and Joseph found a pay phone to ring up his family in Quebec. I read a month-old Sports Illustrated on my top bunk and thought about what to do in Australia.

Lake Matheson steam boat Lake Matheson